After Exploring some of the best street food in Mumbai it was time to explore Vile parle street food. Vile Parle is famous for some of the most reputed colleges in Mumbai. With many colleges lined up in a single street, it makes way for some of the most iconic street food places. Vile Parle street food is among one of the famous places to enjoy street food in India. With the colleges to its proximity, these street food attract a lot of people.

Vile Parle is located in the western Line and currently(while writing this article) all the streets are under construction for Metro. But still, it does not fail to attract a large number of people gorging on street food.

In this article, we look into the top 5 best street food in vile parle. These places are shortlisted as per personal preference and likes. There might be other places that we did not explore, let us know in the comment section below.

If you are a person who likes visual content then we have a video for you. We visited all these places and have rated these places individually. Look out for our video reaction of tasting these street foods.

Top 5 Vile Parle Street Food Places.

Anand Stall

pizza dosa anand stall

Anand stall is the place that we missed out in our famous 10 best street food places in Mumbai. Anand stall is one of the most suggested and recommended places for gorging on some amazing dosas in Mumbai. Anand stall is a years-old dosa corner in vile parle near the NMIMS college. It is famous for pizza dosa, Gini dosa and so on. Why I say so on because there are a ton of different varieties of dosas.

Let’s talk about the dosa. Pizza dosa costs around 180 RS, I know it’s quite costly but that’s because of the posh locality. And the sea of the college students who are ready to pay that amount. But taste-wise the dosa is quite good. I really like all the flavors that I was able to taste and in the end, I understood why it costs 180 RS. I would definitely have it again if I get a chance.

Anand stall is also famous for its Vada Pav. The vada pav here costs 40 bucks(that’s the cheese vada pav) I had many famous vada pav in and around Mumbai even masala vada pav which is one of the famous street food of Mulund. But the vada pav here didn’t really felt special. Like some people really praise it, I didn’t understand why.

I would rate ⅘ for dosa and ⅗ for vada pav at Anand stall.

Dhiraj Vada Pav

Dhiraj vada pav

In the same lane as of the Anand stall is another famous vada pav place, Dhiraj Vada Pav. Dhiraj vada pav is also quite an old establishment and quite famous among college students here.

We here tried out their famous Szechuan cheese vada pav. According to the owner, this one is quite a famous one.

And it sure is. This vada pav is far better than the Anand stall one. Surely both of them were different but all my friends who accompanied me here did agree that Dhiraj Vada pav was better than Anand stall.

If you are around this area and crave to eat a vada pav I would suggest you Dhiraj vada pav. Better taste and you would really feel the worth. By the way, this vada pav costs RS 50.

I would rate ⅘ for Dhiraj vada pav.

Ice N Rolls

Ice n Rolls

ICE N ROLLS is another famous street food place in Vile Parle. This street food place is on the same lane as Anand stall and Dhiraj vada pav. If you walk few meters ahead from Dhiraj vada pav you will reach ice n rolls.

With all the street food that we have eaten, a milkshake is not one of them. Ice N rolls are currently run by the second generation. Ferrero Rocher is their most famous milkshake. It costs 180RS which is in line with keventers and frozen. But in comparison to them, this one is quite amazing and satisfying to drink too.

The milkshake is quite thick and is quite difficult to drink with a straw. I would rate ⅘ for this Ice n rolls milkshake.



After our exploration of street food near the NMIMS campus was done we had to take a rickshaw to reach GVC. GVC has many items on the menu, they have Frankie, sandwiches, etc. But their most famous item is Cheese Garlic Bread. So we ordered the same. We earlier had already eaten some of the most amazing Garlic Bread. Like the R Steam Hot from Mulund. Which is at the top of our list of best Garlic bread.

GVC surely didn’t beat Rsteam hot with their garlic bread. But it was ok, well we traveled 2 hours and were accepting something unique. But it was like any other garlic bread that we had.

With our experience and counting on our taste buds, I would rate the GVC Garlic bread ⅗.

Viru Snack Bar

The last destination of our vile parle street food tour was Viru Snacks Bar. This place is in 10 minutes’ walking distance away from GVC. Viru snack is located in a quite distinct neighborhood in vile parle. And is a quite decent shop. But what we are here for is the unique sandwich which they sell. It’s their Sev Puri Sandwich. 

As simple it may sound, I have never tasted a Sev puri in between a sandwich. I don’t know if you are able to understand, it is better you look at the video to completely understand what I am saying.

Its quite unique and we liked what we saw and ate. I would rate Sev Puri Sandwich ⅘ .

That’s it guys with a detailed article on vile parle street food. I hope you guys liked it. Let us know more interesting and famous local street food places that you know, that we should visit.


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