Theres a new wave running in the market these days with the cold pressed juices. Many known celebrities are promoting cold pressed juice, not because they are paid but for health benefits.

With many turning towards a healthy lifestyle, drinking cold pressed juices have become a trend these days. Many people are also trying to find the best brands that make cold pressed juice in India.

Before looking for brands selling cold-pressed juice we need to understand what really are these cold-pressed juice? How are they different from normal homemade juice and packed juices?

What is cold pressed juice?

Normally Regular juice that we make at home are made using juicers in which spinning and blade use are involved. Due to which many of the nutrients of the juice is lost.

But the Cold-pressed juice are made from special machines that crush and press the fruits and veggies to extract the juice. There is no spinning and blades involved, so the nutrients are not lost in these juices.

Regular juice also has very less shelf life, maximum of 3 to 4 hours, after which it starts rotting and smelling. No preservative, sweeteners are added to this cold pressed juice, but they have greater shell life than regular juice.

So below is the list of 12 best Cold-pressed juice brands in India from where you can buy these cold-pressed juices.

Top 12 Brands Making Cold Pressed Juices in India

Raw Pressery

It all started in trying to make cold pressed juice by the now director of the company Anuj. The company started as a local juice brand in 2013, where they used the local Dabbawalla network to provide delivery of the juice.

Raw pressery is the most famous cold pressed brand in India. Today You will find Raw pressery in all major retail stores. It is one of the biggest brand related to cold pressed juice in India. Their are many many cold pressed juice flavors to choose from.

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Rejoov which is now re-branded as eat-fit. If you visit the website you will see a list of diet and healthy meal to choose from. but in the midst of these meal plans you will also find the rejoov cold pressed juices.

There are many plans to choose from. Rejoov is a Bangalore based company, but you can find their product easily on any of the retail stores. After Raw pressery, Rejoov is the next famous brand in India for cold pressed juice.


Juicifix is a famous local brand of cold pressed juice in Mumbai. Currently delivering only in Mumbai. Their concentration on local delivery has helped them maintain a very good review among there customers.

Juicifix has a different Cleanse and detox combo in there menu. It consists of 8 juices in them, each meant for a particular detox mechanism. If you are in Mumbai you should definitely give juicifix a try, some of its customers, you are regular buyers of cold pressed juice have named them the best cold-pressed juice brands.


Antidote is another cold-pressed juice brand based out of Delhi. They specialize in special kind of cold pressed juice which is specifically meant for body detoxing.

They have various combos such as weight loss, skin cleansing etc. These cold-pressed juice use a special recipe. The juice also includes of a special herbal ingredient which is required for body detox.

Cleanse High

Cleanse is a cold-pressed juice brand based out of Hyderabad. The brand doesn’t only sell cold-pressed juice but rather try to provide an entire detox plan for you.

They have rather customized the plan in such a way that you are provided with 8 juices that you need to drink in the entire day for a complete detox.

Fresh Pressery

Fresh pressery is a Bangalore based health cafe, which also provides cold pressed juices. The cafe also includes different delightful but healthy food in their menu like smoothies, salads, gluten-free deserts etc.

They also have 9 cold pressed juice-based cleanse package. Where you can get the detox done with those nine juices.

Just Pressed.

Just pressed is a cold-pressed juice brand based out of Delhi. they cold-pressed juice target specific functionality. Like one of the juice Charge has a mix of cinnamon, coconut, cashew, and chia to give you a boost of energy.

They offer 9 different Juice flavor and even have Gluten free Muesli, nuts etc.


My greens are a Delhi based Cold-pressed juice company available in three different packages, the cold-pressed juices aim to address certain issues, and generally promote a healthy lifestyle.

The experts at MyGreens have made a juicy diet for you based on your targets {Trim, Glow, Build, Detox}. You can also opt for a three-day cleanse just to flush all those toxins out.

In 2017 My Greens bought the Mumbai based cold-pressed juice startup, Jus Divine, to expand their capability and cater to another potential audience group in Mumbai.

Juice Up

Juice up is another cold-pressed juice based out of Delhi, Well Delhi has a ton of cold-pressed juice options. There are eight different options to choose from in Juice up.
They only provide delivery in Delhi and nearby area. Juice up also offers monthly subscription options. Where home delivery of 1 juice will be done every day for 30 days.

Raw Leaf

Raw leaf is a Delhi based Cold press juice company. raw Leaf not only manufactures cold pressed juices but also delivers fresh packaged salads, shawarmas, burritos, lettuces, wraps, smoothies.

Raw leaf consist of 5 cold pressed juice flavor namely, Zest, detox, Fuel Up, Purify Trim. They provide a variety of Meal plans with the combination of different salads wraps and juices.


Based out of Gurgaon, RawKing offers a many cold-pressed juice packages including Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Plans. Besides juices, it also offers healthy salads and packages like glow, Weight Loss and much more.

People around Delhi are really trying to get fit I guess.

Salad Days

Salad days which is famously known for veggies, fruits, legumes to nonvegetarian along with pita pockets, smoothies and a decent range of cold-pressed juices.

Salad days are some of the finest cold pressed juice brands in India. Mostly based out of Delhi and Gurugram.

That’s it with our list of top cold-pressed juice brands in India. If any of these brands don’t serve to your location then you can buy these cold pressed juice from this Amazon link.

These cold-pressed juice are a little bit on the costlier side but really good for your health. You need to detox your body once in a while.


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