Looking for things to do in Matunga? Well you are in the right Place. But Before that here’s a brief history of Matunga.

Matunga, part of the seven original islands that formed Mumbai, is a busy locality offering excellent food joints and lots of things to do. The King of Mahikavati ( modern-day Mahim) had his elephant stables in Matunga, and the name Matunga itself came from this association – “Matanga” being the Sanskrit word for elephant.

Before that here’s a quick preview of the list of things to do in Matunga

  1. Explore Matunga Market
  2. Relax in the B N Maheshwari Udyan
  3. Treat your taste buds at Dumpling Delight
  4. Experience spirituality at the Sree Ram Mandir
  5. Feast your mind at The Book House
  6. Travel back in time at the Aurora Talkies
  7. Experience the real South Indian Cuisine
  8. Spicy snacks at the Gupta Chaat Centre
  9. Shop for Silk Saris
  10. Go local at Cornucopia

Over time, this region developed as a confluence of various cultures and cuisines and is now a very popular residential area – busy by the day, and peaceful by the night. There’s no dearth of things to do in Matunga, and we list out some of the best ones for you!

Here are 10 things to do in Matunga

  1. Explore Matunga Market

The scent of the fresh flowers, the vibrant colours of the delicious fruits and the sound of the bustle – all hit you together when you enter this happening place, called the Matunga Market. With a central location near the Matunga metro station, this market is easily accessible and is one of the most popular locations in the region.

things to do in matunga
things to do in matunga

People flock here for the quality fruits and vegetables on sale, and the flower market is a major attraction. Shopping here is an experience to remember, so a visit here is mandatory if you’re in the region.

  1. Relax in the B N Maheshwari Udyan

Matunga is known for its noise during the day, and it can get a bit overwhelming at times.  But, sitting bang in the middle is the solution! The B N Maheshwari Udyan, a.k.a the King’s Circle, is an oasis of peace at the centre of this busy suburb.

Surrounded by loads of good eateries, this garden has lush verdant greenery and provides an unmatched calm. So if you’re tired after shopping, head to this park, and reflect on the city-life unfolding around you while you chill under the shade of the trees.

  1.  Treat your taste buds at Dumpling Delight

This quaint little food truck outside Ruia College has emerged as the local food hotspot. Serving more than 20 varieties of momos, this food joint is immensely popular among the college students and is never desolate. With its  affordable pricing and lip-smacking delicacies, it is no surprise that this has become a mecca of sorts for momo-lovers.

Sample the Tandoori Cheese momos or the Chocolate momos and you’ll understand why this is the most recommended place on almost every local guide.

  1. Experience spirituality at the Sree Ram Mandir

This centuries-old temple near the Matunga Market is a great example of the architecture of the old times, and offers a sense of calm and spirituality to visitors. Rituals are conducted every day and make for an amazing experience, making you  feel connected to the Almighty.  

  1. Feast your mind at The Book House

Don’t let the size of this shop fool you! Albeit small, it houses a mind-boggling variety of books, encompassing all genres. This iconic shop, almost 60 years old, is a sort of sanctum for bibliophiles and is one of the most popular book-shops in the region.

Grab a book from here and head to the nearby B N Maheshwari Udyan for a magical reading experience. 

  1. Travel back in time at the Aurora Talkies

In the age of multiplexes, only a few single-screen theatres have managed to thrive and provide the vintage experience. One of them is the Aurora Talkies. Step through the doors and you’ll see yourself travelling back to the 80s and the 90s. Catch a good old south-indian talkie here, and it’ll make for an experience to cherish!

  1. Experience the real South Indian Cuisine

Matunga has a large population of South Indians, and this demographic is reflected in the excellent South Indian eateries that dot the region. Head to the immensely popular Arya Bhavan or Ram Ashraya, located right next to the railway station, and have a proper South Indian breakfast – you’re sure to feel the decades of traditional south Indian cooking represented in this simple but delicious food.

things to do in matunga
Arya Bhavan review

Then make your way to the Cafe Madras to have a refreshing cup of filter coffee, and you’re ready to face whatever the day throws at you!

  1. Spicy snacks at the Gupta Chaat Centre

South Indian food is excellent, but true Mumbaikars can’t live without thrilling their taste buds with the burst of flavours that chaat provides. Well, Matunga gives you a fix for that as well!

elco pani puri
things to do in matunga

Visit the Gupta Chaat Centre to sample the traditional chaat, but don’t forget to try some of their unique creations, such as the Pani Puri, Sev Puri Sandwich or the Hershey-laden sandwich!

  1. Shop for Silk Saris

There aren’t a lot of places where you can buy authentic silk saris, but Matunga boasts of loads of them. Make your way to the Telang Road and you’ll be spoilt for choice. With multiple stores dealing exclusively in silk saris, buying just one will never satisfy you, and you’ll find yourself carrying  a handful of bags when you leave.

  1. Go local at Cornucopia

This one-of-a-kind store, located adjacent to Cafe Madras, is known for its quality products, ranging from jams and marmalades to healthy snacks for the diet-conscious. What makes this place unique is that it prioritizes locally-sourced ingredients and thus helps boost the local economy! Grab some of their signature bread and you’ll not be disappointed.   

That’s was quick and simple guide on things to do in Matunga. Did we miss out any thing? Let us know.


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