Mumbai never sleeps, and sometimes, it won’t let you sleep in peace. The bustling city life can become too much to handle at times, and everyone looks for a peaceful retreat for the weekend.

But here’s the catch, planning a vacation is itself a headache and takes a lot of time. Then again, if the getaway is far off, you’d be spending most of your weekend traveling, instead of enjoying a break from the noise of routine life.

Before you wonder what are the things to do in Madh island. Here’s a quick preview of Must to-do in Madh Island

  1. Marvel at the Madh Fort
  2. Explore the Erangal Village
  3. Experience tranquility at the Madh Church
  4. Chill on the Beach
  5. Seafood Shopping
  6. Killeshwar Mahadev Temple
  7. Relax at the shacks
  8. Stay at a Beach Resort

 What if we tell you, that the perfect spot for a weekend break is right here in Mumbai! Madh Island is the answer to all your worries: this quaint beach destination on the north-western coast of Mumbai has everything ranging from a clean beach to a historic fort, so that you can have a weekend to remember.

With a lot of things to do in Madh island and the fact that this place is accessible by rail, road, and ferries, this is one of the best weekend destinations in Mumbai. So, what’s all that you can do at Madh island beach?

Here are 8 things to do in Madh Island

  1. Marvel at the Madh Fort

This grand structure, also known as the Versova Fort, was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century and was used as a watchtower since it offers a strategic view of the entire coastline. Now, it is under the control of the Indian Air Force, and permission is necessary to enter it.

Things to do in Madh Island
Things to do in Madh Island

Although it is internally deteriorated, the fort is still as majestic from the outside and continues to attract tourists who gaze in wonder at this historic monument. So if you’re looking for things to do in Madh Island, this is the one place you cannot skip. Take in the grandeur of the fort surrounded by the lush greenery, and let your mind relax.

  1. Explore the Erangal Village

Inhabited by the native fishing communities, Erangal is a picturesque little village on Madh island. With warm and friendly locals, and amazing seafood delicacies, this is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Madh island beach.

Talk to the natives about the history of this place, and you’ll definitely have a good time listening to their narratives.  If you like exploring new cultures, going to Erangal village and engaging with the natives is one of the things to do in Madh island.

  1. Experience tranquility at the Madh Church

A small, quintessential structure near the Erangal village, the St. Bonaventure Church is a must-visit place to feel a spiritual connection with God. Never too crowded, this place offers a calm that is almost therapeutic and leaves you feeling replenished with positive thoughts and spiritual energy.

Built in the 16th century by the Portuguese, this is a popular attraction for people visiting the area. Every year, on the second Sunday of January, this church hosts a grand feast, an event that is very popular in these parts.

  1. Chill on the Beach

One of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai, the Madh island beach is the perfect place to chill. Build sandcastles, play beach football, bathe in the sea or just lay there in the sand and gaze at the sky above – you’re sure to find the calm and peace you needed desperately.

things to do in madh island
things to do in madh island

Wake up early and go for a run in the morning, and let the cool breeze hit your face gently as you hear the waves rustling beside you. The backdrop for the shooting for films such as Baazigar and Shootout at Wadala, you definitely cannot miss this beach if you’re looking for things to do in Madh Island, Mumbai.

  1. Seafood Shopping

Madh is the home for a large number of fishing communities, which sell their fish here itself. The dried and salted fish sold here are very popular among visitors, and since they are produced here, customers are guaranteed the lowest price! Sample the local fish curries to understand why these fish are in such a huge demand.

  1. Killeshwar Mahadev Temple

Located quite close to the Madh fort, this quiet, little temple devoted to Lord Shiva is the go-to place for devouts wishing to experience a calm and peaceful environment. This old temple is worth a visit if you’re in Madh island, Mumbai, and will definitely give you a sense of spirituality.

  1. Relax at the shacks

The landscape of Madh island is dotted with small shacks suited for couples and groups, where you can simply relax and let go. Situated close to the beach, they offer a host of things to do and if nothing else works for you, you can just stretch on a beach chair and gaze at the seamless sea in front of you.

The price of accommodation at these shacks varies according to the location, but you can always find one that suits your budget and have a fun weekend, with all the many things that can be done in Madh island.

  1. Stay at a Beach Resort

Madh island also has some great beach resorts which are really popular among tourists because of the amazing service and hospitality. Although Goa is the place actually famous for such resorts, Madh island isn’t less in any way – the scenic view from these resorts coupled with the amount of pampering that the visitors receive, makes it one of the best rated and most popular locations in the region.

Do visit these beach resorts if you’re looking for things to do in Madh Island. 


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