If you google “samosa chole in Mumbai”, the first page result will be all filled with the samosa chole from the famous Sion Gurukripa.

Would you believe me, if I told you that a little shop has been making and supplying small spicy potato filled triangles(samosa) to most of the cinema halls for decades.

Yes there are high chance that the samosa you are eating in cinema halls across Mumbai is probably from Gurukripa Sion. This place still delivers 30,000+ samosas everyday to cinema halls across the city.

The current Gurukripa you see was started in 1975 and till date has managed to appease visitors with the samosa chole. The place is quite famous since there are many colleges near by and the students often stop by here to have a Tikki chole or samosa chole.

Many reviewers and food critics have quoted this as one of the best place for chole samosa in Mumbai. Many politicians and Bollywood stars are still its regular customer.

Samosa Chole At GuruKripa Sion

Where is it located?

Gurukripa Sion is located very near to the station. Once you come out of the Sion station it is a 5 minutes walk.

40, Rd Number 24, Near SIES College, Sion West, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400022.

What is Gurukripa famous for?

Chole Samosa at Gurukripa Sion

The most famous thing about the place is the Chole samosa for sure. But people have also grown to like its Tikki chole and a wide variety of sweets. Samosa Chole, Tikki Chole, Falooda and gulab jamun are the most famous dishes here.

How’s the Ambiance?

Ok, there’s not much of the ambiance to talk about, since the place is open and you have to stand and eat your food. After visiting the place, I read online that there is AC seating as well. But I failed to notice it while I was there, so I can’t really confirm this.

Probably they have both AC and Non AC seating, but we had chole samosa-like every other Mumbaikar, out in the open.

How’s the food?

Of all the mentioned dishes, we tried out only one, and definitely it was chole samosa. The chole samosa costed around 45RS.

Samosa chole at Gurukripa Sion

In that you get two samosa, along with chole and onion. Ok to be frank, the chole samosa was Ok, not that great. Many of you might have a view otherwise.

The samosa was of medium size. and the filling inside was also very little. But for 45RS it looks OK.

Next time when I am here, I will definitely try their chole Tikki and Gulab Jamun.

Final Verdict:

The place is quite famous and you will find this place crowded at any time of the day. If you are visiting two-three people, try to order different dishes so that you are able to taste all of them.

I would rate the samosa 3.5/5. The service was pretty fast and you don’t have to wait for a long time for the food here.

You should even try out sweets here, since they pretty famous.

If you are around Sion and want a quick cheap snack, then this the place to be.


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