A rainy afternoon, the sensory overload from the earthy tones when the rains hit the ground, trees swaying in the background while you stand admiring the monsoon showers from your balcony, what’s missing? How about some rainy season food?

Some delectable crunchy snacks and a hot beverage. Am I right, or am I right?

Deep-fried food is a mood, not just a need during monsoons everywhere, but especially in India.

  1. A Steaming Hot Cup of Chai
  2. Crispy Pakoras
  3. Samosas
  4. Soup
  5. Corn
  6. Cheese Masala Toast Sandwich
  7. Momos
  8. French Fries
  9. Kachori
  10. Jalebi
  11. Hot Chocolate
  12. Pav Bhaji
  13. Aloo Tikki Chaat
  14. Vada Pav
  15. Maggi

So if you’re looking for some rainy season food suggestions to cook/ order, your search ends here:

Here are 15 Amazing Must Eat Rainy season food

  1. A steaming hot cup of Chai

A hot cup of perfectly brewed tea is the king of the monsoon beverage list. Nothing comes close to the soothing sip of this heartwarming goodness in a cup. Brew it the way you like, there’s the classic kadak chai, add milk, or don’t add milk, up to you. Make it super sweet or make the ginger lemon honey version, it’s your choice. But the debatable winner is the kadak adrak chai, especially served in those tiny glasses from a teaside stall.

  1. Crispy Pakoras

This one is a no brainer, and easily the crowd favorite from the list of food to eat in rainy season.

Deep fried crispy batter coated veggies, tossed in some chaat masala accompanied with green chutney, and a cup of tea, this combination just knocks it out of the park. Onion, potato and cauliflower pakoras are a mass favourite, you can also experiment with paneer and mirch pakoras if you are craving something different.

  1. Samosas

Crunchy potato-filled samosa is another must try snack that should feature on your rainy season food experiments. Golden fried hot samosas with condiments like coriander chutney and imli chutney are a sure-shot way to enhance the delightful monsoon experience. While mashed potatoes and peas are a classic favourite, you can also try the fusion varieties like chilli paneer and chinese samosas available at multiple food joints.

rainy season food
  1. Soup

An especially stormy rainy evening? Curl up in a blanket with your favorite book or Netflix show, with a steaming hot bowl of soupy goodness. It’s a good break from all the deep fried rainy season food you might have been consuming. Try out a nourishing bowl of vegetable soup orr spice it up with some chicken/veg noodle soup, hot & sour or sweetcorn variety. Otherwise the good old tomato soup never disappoints.

  1. Corn

Slowly roasted corn kernels on a coal fire, while the rains are about to hit the beach/ mountaintop. You can smell the aroma of the juicy slightly charred corn kernels as you bite into the humble street food offering. Mouthwatering already at the thought? What are you waiting for, go grab one now.

  1. Cheese Masala Toast Sandwich

This bombay special snack also doubles up as a great pick for  rainy season food. Toasted buttered slices of bread, with spicy potato mash filling, packed with onions and other vegetables of your choice. Some melt in your mouth cheese inside the toast, along with ketchup makes this tea time snack irresistible. 

rainy season food
rainy season food
  1. Momos

Imagine this, a plate of hot steaming chicken/ veg momos, fiery red chutney accompanied with some mayo. Light banter with your friends as you’re sheltering from the rain under the road side stall’s tin roof. The city’s drenched in the first shower of the season, as you greedily gobble your momos before the wind render them cold. Heaven, right?

  1. French Fries

An all time favourite, but potatoes just tend to become more comforting in the pitter patter of rain drops as the city stands still for a bit. Crisy deep fried guilty pleasure, sprinkle yours with some piri piri spice mix from your favourite fast food outlet, or fry a batch at home, satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

  1. Kachori

Try the UP/kolkata style kachori with some amazing hing spiced aloo ki sabzi for breakfast on a cloudy Sunday, if you’re looking for a more filling delicacy.  Opt in for the dry variety with lentil/ peas/ dry fruit filling if you’re looking for a quick snack. It’s guaranteed to be a crunchy crispy sensory overload.

  1. Jalebi

Works best with the kachori sabzi combination to cool off those tastebuds, or accompanied with the samosas straight outta the kitchen. If you’re craving something sweet for a change, we’d recommend making a quick dash in the rain to your nearest outlet to get some crispy jalebis. Best had when piping hot, as the rain gods work their magic. 

  1.  Hot Chocolate

Feeling gloomy because of the weather? Incessant rains can get a bit tricky, especially if your got drenched or caught in a snarly traffic jam. We recommend an instant pick me up in the form of some quick hot chocolate. Add a dollop of butter and top it with some extra cocoa powder to regain the warmth and drive away irritable monsoon blues.

  1. Pav Bhaji

How about some Chowpatty style pav bhaji for lunch, on a rainy afternoon when a Juhu beach visit doesn’t seem like a good idea. An instant favorite for kids and adults alike, this filling monsoon food item, is a great blend of spicy buttery goodness.

rainy season food
pav bhaji
  1. Aloo Tikki Chaat

Tea time becomes extra special if you have chaat on the menu. Crunchy golden fried mashed potato tikkis, dunked in curd and various chutneys with family, drives away the rainy day shivers instantly. Easy to whip up at home, all you need is the humble potato to make this superhit dish.

  1.  Vada Pav

A fiery comfort food, Vada Pav has managed to capture hearts beyond Mumbai as a popular snack. But the taste of these gramflour dipped vada balls , is best enjoyed during Mumbai monsoon. Packed with flavour, this rainy season food delicacy is best served with a green chilli to bite into. Mumbaikars love theirs with ample amount of garlic chutney powder, how do you like your vada pav?

rainy season food
  1. Maggi

This instant noodle has hacked into the hearts of every Indian household with its trademark aroma. No one can resist a bowl of Maggi noodles on a rainy day. Easily available, quick to make, packed with comfort, this isn’t an item you’d be willing to share with anyone. Maggi conjures up memories of rainy evenings on the terrace with siblings, fighting over the unfairness of unequal division of the noodles, while licking your bowls clean. 

Rains bring out the foodie in us, this monsoon try whipping up some of these rainy season food delicacies at home with your loved ones and don’t forget to capture these memories to flaunt on your social media. 


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