K Rustom is one of the historic Ice Cream Parlor in Mumbai. I think its the only place that’s still serving ice cream sandwich In Mumbai.

K Rustom is an Ice Cream Sandwich parlor, which serves only ice cream sandwich. Have you heard something like this before? Well, I have not. K Rustom is one of the oldest Family run ice cream parlor in Mumbai. Its the oldest Iranian ice cream parlor in Mumbai, the ice cream parlor has been functional since 1953.

The ice cream sandwichs taste and quality have been maintained from the beginning. Well, I was not there to taste the ice cream in the 1900s. But my grandfather who had the ice cream in the ’80s said that the taste is still the same.

I had never heard about the place before. But I am really glad that I tried.

The Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich K Rustom Review

Where is K Rustom located?

The Ice Cream Parlour is located in the same lane as of Pizza by the Bay. It is right opposite the Church gate Railway station.

k rustom ice cream
k rustom ice cream

The Below is the official address of K Rustom’s. You can also ask anyone around if you are lost.
Address: 86, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

How’s the Ice cream?

Well for the above question there would be just one answer. Tasty Sir! (you need to have a good understanding of Bollywood to understand the joke).

In the time when people are constantly looking for new type of ice cream to taste, even when the classic cone ice cream is no more fashionable, K Rustom bravely still keeps the ice cream sandwich theme alive.

k rustom ice cream
k rustom ice cream

With a ton of flavors to choose from, well ton here means really ton of flavors. Nescafe, guava, choco mint, apricot, green mango etc, you name the flavor and they have it. All these flavors are subject to availability.

The ice cream parlor still gives you the vibes of the ’80s in India and you will see the family members still running the show.

The Taste of these ice cream sandwich is no doubt awesome, I have never tasted an ice cream sandwich soo good in my entire life. That’s a big statement, and I stand by it.

The reason the parlor is still having a good run with the age-old ice cream sandwich is probably the location of the parlor. It is located very near to Marine drive and becomes a go-to place for your ice cream craving if you are around here.

Marine drive is often thronged with tourists and youths. The ice cream parlor is the best way to spend your money for some authentic and quality ice cream when around here.

K Rustom has been fulfilling the ice cream craving for generations and I mean literally generations.

Each ice cream sandwich in K Rustom usually costs around 70 to 80 bucks. At the start, I thought it was a bit costlier, but later it came to my mind the location is South Bombay, then I felt like the ice cream is really damn cheap.

Final Thoughts

If you are around Marine drive, then you should surely give K Rustom’s a visit, and enjoy from their list of awesome flavors of ice creams.

Try out a flavor that you never heard of and be ready to get enthralled by the flavors. Any Flavour you pick, it will still be worth the price.


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