Looking for some famous fish markets in Mumbai? You are in the right place. But do you know why really Mumbai is so famous with the fish markets?

Living near the sea has a lot of advantages, great weather, access to beaches and best of all, a variety of fresh seafood supply.  A little known fact about the city of Mumbai is that it was originally home to the fishermen community, back when it was a cluster of smaller islands. 

Here’s a Quick Preview of the famous fish market in Mumbai

  1. Bhaucha Dhakka
  2. Crawford Fish Market
  3. Sassoon Docks
  4. Malad Fish Market
  5. Khar Danda Fish Market
  6. Wadala Fish Market
  7. Sion Fish Market
  8. Dadar Fish Market
  9. Citylight Fish Market
  10. Elphinstone Fish Market
  11. Machi Market

While there are multiple things to do if you’re visiting the coastal city, a visit to the famous ish market in Mumbai is a definite to do to get a real feel of the rusticness it carries within.

We’ve compiled a list of 11 famous fish market in Mumbai if you’re in the mood to see where your seafood thali gets it contents from.

11 Famous Fish Market in Mumbai

  1. Bhaucha Dhakka

Perched on Princess Dock, Mazgaon is the biggest fish market in Mumbai. Also known as Ferry Wharf, it is a wholesale market and known for selling the freshest lot in all of Mumbai. You have to be an early bird to catch the best worm here though.

Braving through the chaos that is a visit to a wholesale fish market in Mumbai, is no easy ordeal. So remember to wear shorts and chappals and be ready for the fishy smell to hit you. Bhaucha Dhakka is one of the markets where a lot of restaurants and cafes prefer to source their fish from, for its freshness and variety of fare.

  1. Crawford Fish Market

Located at Dhobi Talao, get your bargaining skills along when you’re coming to buy some fish for your Sunday afternoon lunch of Surmai. Another renowned fish market in Mumbai, Crawford Market was renamed to Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, but rarely anyone addresses it by that name.

Fish market visits demand to go with the chaos, and a lot of haggling, followed by a shower afterward if you don’t want to smell like fish for the rest of the day or two.

  1. Sassoon Docks

One of the oldest docks in Mumbai, Sassoon docks is also home to one of the largest fish markets in Mumbai. You can pick up a variety of other seafood apart from fish here, including baby sharks and octopus. It’s another wholesale fish market in Mumbai, that runs out of fare early morning, so be sure to go on time.

fish market in Mumbai

Another tip for the art lovers is to check out the street art that has transformed the docks as part of the project by the St+art Urban Art Festival. Feast your stomach and your eyes, not a bad bargain at all, eh?

  1. Malad Fish Market

Deemed to be one of the cheapest fish markets in Mumbai, Malad fish market opens at 6 AM. It is conveniently located quite close to the local railway station, and boasts of some great Bombil and Pomfret, ready to be fried in your frypan for a hearty meal. 

  1. Khar Danda Fish Market

This fish market in Mumbai is a blessing for those who don’t want to buy their fish at the wee hours of the morning. It opens at 8 am and boasts of some great pomfret and sardines. However, the lovely koliwada ladies selling the fare will try to give you a good run for your money, so don’t forget to bargain hard.

  1. Wadala Fish Market

Another market that opens at 8 am and goes on till 10 pm, Wadala fish market is located near the Wadala church. You can get your fish cleaned as well, at nominal rates and this market is pretty accessible for people living near Wadala. This market operates daily and has fresh fare coming in every morning. 

  1. Sion Fish Market

Looking for some crabs along with your fried Bombil? Come to Sion market. One of the fish markets in Mumbai that also has crabs available for purchase, you can also buy small quantities of fish here.

Located in Sion, as the name suggests, this market is always crowded with fish hawkers trying to outsell each other. Come around 7 am to lay your hands on the best freshwater fish.

  1. Dadar Fish Market

Craving some sweet freshwater fish? Come to Dadar fish market to get your hands on some Katla and Hilsa variety. You can also get the Arabian fish catches here as well, and the market is located conveniently close to the station. Buy some fresh vegetables to go with your fish fry from the nearby market while you’re in the area.

fish market in Mumbai
  1. Citylight Fish Market

Located in Mahim, this fish market in Mumbai gets it name from the Citylight theatre located right across the road. Known to have fresh stock even during raging monsoons, you can get access to a variety of freshwater fish here. The market operates from 9 am and is open even during the evenings for some late-night fish shopping runs.

  1. Elphinstone Fish Market

If you work in Lower Parel, and next time you want to eat some freshwater fish, you don’t need to go too far. Rohu, Halva, Mirgal, and Mangoor can be found waiting to be bought at Senapati Bapat Road.

Elphinstone fish market is a lesser-known gem situated in the city. But now you know better than to travel too far to get your fish and chip stock.

  1. Machi Market

Machi market situated in the lanes of Jogeshwari, Andheri east is another fish market in Mumbai that won’t make you shell out excessively for seafood cravings. The market also opens relatively later, so you have a good chance of catching some fresh fish without losing sleep.

These were some of the famous fish market in mumbai. Definitely there are many more, we are definitely not be able to list all of them here.


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