If you are in Mumbai, then you cannot leave the city without having a Vada pav. Vada Pav would be the first thing to come into your mind if someone says Food in Mumbai. There are many places that serve amazing Vada Pav’s in Mumbai.

But if you search for Vada Pav on google Ashok Vada pav would be on the top of the list. Even if someone doesn’t know the name of the place and you ask him, which one is the famous Vada Pav place in Mumbai, he would say the vada near Kirti college. Vada is like the food that defines Mumbai and it is said that it was born here.

Ashok Vada Pav Dadar

Ashok vada was started by Ashok Vaidya and his sister by selling poha and aloo vadas back in the 1960s, outside Dadar Station. You can say Ashok is the pioneer of Vada pav. Vada Pav to Mumbai is like what Hot Dog is to New York City.

Where is it located?

Ashok Vada Pav is a 20 minutes walk from Dadar railway station. You can use Google Maps to reach here.

Ashok Vada Pav Dadar

There will be a crowd around the place, so it can be easily located. You can ask the address for Kirti College, since the place is nearby the college.

Hows the Ambience?

Well, the ambiance is Streety. Sorry for my bad sense of Humour. But you will get a very local feeling, as you get while eating at any other Vada Pav Stalls. Nothing different about this place.

Hows the Food?

Ashok Vada Pav is famous for its Vada pav so I didn’t even bother for asking for any other item.

Ashok Vada Pav Dadar

The vada pav costs 25 rupees. Well, it is more than a normal vada pav. While writing the post the average vada pav cost in Mumbai is around 15. So it’s a little costlier, but isn’t it famous?

You do get somethings extra for that extra 10 bucks.

So what’s different about this Vada Pav?

You get the traditional vada pav along with the churri that they add in it, Churri are normally fried besan felt overs.

Ashok Vada Pav Dadar

What I really likes about the vada pav was the chutney. You get a very amazing flavour of the sweet chutney.

If I would go back to that place, I will go there for the chutney.

The vada’s are of normal size, but when they add churri into the pav it becomes quite heavy on the tummy.

Final Thoughts.

If you ask me, is this the best vada pav ever? I would say I don’t really know. If I am around I will definitely have it again. But will not travel miles to just have ashok vada pav it.

Ok, i am not someone who has a great understanding of flavours or cuisine. But i do understand food, and like to give my own opinion about it.

I write in layman language so that everyone understands. So don’t take this as an expert opinion, but take it as a layman’s opinion.

If you are around Dadar or Prabhadevi then do hope in here to taste one of the best vada pav in mumbai.


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