About Us

Chetan Poojari
Chetan Poojari

With a small dream of becoming the Worlds best Travel and Food website the blog, Wandersla was created. We try to deliver the best travel and food stories here at Wandersla. With great travel and food adventure content, we are trying to bridge the gap in providing great content.

Wandersla is the brainchild of Chetan Poojari.

Where is all started?

I was very fond of the famous Travel show “Musafir Ho Yaaro“. Every Sunday at around 12 PM I would sit in front of our TV set to watch the show and wonder, how it would be to travel around the world. I always dreamed of traveling, the world, the way Deepti Bhatnagar did in the Travel Show. But then adulthood hit me and so did the reality. You need to work 9-5 to make your living and travel.

But often whenever I get time I would pack my bags and head to the new destination. With so much of traveling, I decided to share my Story.

Even while trying to know about a particular place, I found out that there was a void in the system no one was writing about the local stuff or about the real travel experience. This is when I decided to write and post pictures of my next adventure.

We are always open to collaboration with new writers and content creators. If you have a story to tell, we have a platform to offer.

We believe that Awesome stories are told with open heart.